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Reverend Terry and Debra Turbin

Terry and Debra were married in 1973.  Debra came to saving faith in 1975 and Terry in 1977.  When they married, Debra was an information operator for the C & P Telephone Company, while Terry was a member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Union. Debra became a stay at home mom with the birth of their daughter, Jonald Marie, in 1976.  Terry continued to work in the construction industry with the exception of one year when he worked for the B&O Railroad.

Terry’s interest in the building industry led him to Winter Haven, Florida, where he started a home construction business called Southern Builders.  This business venture fell flat and he returned to Maryland feeling the call to ministry on his life.  Returning to the church where he had been converted, while under the Leadership of the Reverend Jack Caldwell, the Calvary Baptist Church of Dundalk extended an invitation to serve as visitation Pastor.  It was Calvary Baptist church that ordained Terry in 1981, as well as Don Fortner, in 1981.  Don is Terry’s father-in-law and was the associate pastor of Sonshine Fellowship Church for several years.

It was in 1981 that Terry and Debra had their second child, Terry Jr., which presented a financial challenge due to a salary cap and lack of health insurance.  Since so many things were happening at this time, Terry chose to resign as visitation pastor to pursue a more aggressive path to provide for his growing family.  The call he felt on his life was a very real call that just needed to be put on hold temporarily.  As it turned out, Terry founded another company in the construction industry and called it Turbin Aluminum.

With the birth of another son, Jeremy in 1987, the founding of this company proved to be the means by which God allowed Terry to provide all that a growing family needed.  Debra was able to be a stay at home mom for all of her children, which proved to be a tremendous blessing.

During the time of growing the family owned business, Terry and Debra served at the Inverness Presbyterian Church of Dundalk for approximately 15 years.  Debra served as the President of the Women in the Church (WIC) for one term, taught the ladies Bible study, and sang in the choir.  Terry also served in the church as a teacher and was ordained as a ruling elder in 1997.  He continued to serve in that capacity until the founding of Sonshine Fellowship Church in 2008.

Terry sensed a call back into the ministry and started to attend seminary classes at New Geneva Theological Seminary.  As a graduate in Biblical studies, Terry decided to further his academic studies, and graduated from Faith Theological Seminary with a Master’s Degree in Biblical Literature.  He now serves at Faith Theological Seminary as part of the adjunct faculty and teaches Evangelism.

Terry knows that God was preparing him to plant Sonshine Fellowship Church.  Being a business owner provided him with the skills necessary in the development and planning, as well as the continual operations of the church.  With Terry’s transition from business owner to his calling as pastor and teacher, he leaves a very special part of his life to his sons.  The company name was changed to Turbin and Sons Home Improvement and is still operating presently under the leadership of Jeremy.

“To God be the Glory for the Great Things He Hath Done”

Founders of Sonshine Fellowship Church